MAAV works in partnership with the Melrose Public Schools to provide a range of educational and preventionfebcollage programs for youth. At the middle school level, programs address bullying and teen dating violence. Our mentoring program matches middle school youth with caring, consistent adults for ongoing guidance and support. At the high school level, a dynamic group of peer leaders, the Student Action Board, leads programs to prevent teen dating violence and sexual assault, and is piloting a new peer mentoring for 9th graders. Please click on the specific programs listed on the menu to your left to learn more.

Current programs:

  • MAAV brought the M.V.P. (Mentors in Violence Prevention) Program into Melrose High School. This Northeastern University program uses student athletes to train peer leaders to stand up to violence against women. To learn more about MVP, click here.
  • Facilitation in Freshmen Seminars at Melrose High School. MVP-trained sophomores, juniors, and seniors lead discussions on gender roles and teen dating violence, and how to be an empowered bystander.
  • Training on bullying prevention at the Jr. Police Academy. Student facilitators talk to the 4–6th grade students who attend the Academy about why bullying happens and tips to help victims of bullying.
  • MAAV holds an assembly every year for Melrose High School seniors on sexual assault and consent in preparation for the new boundaries and freedom in college. In the past, this has featured speakers from Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and the Center for the Study of Sport in Society. This assembly in primarily led by the Student Action Board.
  • A poster campaign sponsored by the SAFE Steps for Teens Task Force on safe actions bystanders can take when witnessing an event

Past programs have included:

  • Sponsoring plays on teen dating violence at Melrose High School, including “The Yellow Dress” and “The Red Tide.”
  • MAAV developed an educational theater group at the 8th grade level called “STAR’s”(Students Teaching Acceptance & Respect) The students developed skits for elementary age children which demonstrated indirect as well as direct forms of bullying, and encouraged bystanders to join together to stand up to bullying.
  • emilyfacilMAAV was instrumental in launching a Peer Mediation Program at Melrose High School in 2000. Students selected as peer mediators receive intensive training, provided by Richard Cohen of School Mediation Associates of Watertown. Teachers, counselors, administrators and students may refer students to Peer Mediation for conflicts involving relationships, rumors, and other communication problems. Peer Mediation is NOT used for situations involving dating violence. Peer Mediators are trained to set ground rules, listen, ask questions, and help the parties in conflict come to a better understanding of each other’s point of view.
  • In 2004, MAAV brought Red Sox player Gabe Kapler and his wife, Lisa Kapler, to Melrose High School to speak to the senior class about teen dating violence.
  • The “Love Is…Love Isn’t” poster campaign sponsored by the SAFE Steps for Teens Task Force shows students and faculty holding signs that talk about healthy vs unhealthy relationships. Check out the video made of it in the link on the sidebar! 1wayst
  • The “Dear Lisa” Assembly every two years for freshmen and sophomores features Mr. Tom Santoro, who shares the story of his daughter’s murder at the hands of her ex-boyfriends. Mr. Santoro talks to the students about warning signs and ways they can intervene if they think a friend may be in an abusive relationships.

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