Mentors in Violence Prevention Program (MVP)

In 2014, MAAV was able to use grant funds from the Safe STEPS grant to partner with the Center for the Study oLogo_MVPSport in Society at Northeastern University. The Center leads a program called the Mentors in Violence Prevention, or MVP. MVP seeks to use a bystander approach as a strategy to address gender-based violence, specifically men’s violence against women. The training includes discussion of gender roles in society, agree/disagree/unsure statements on the topics of dating violence and sexual assault, and a playbook of realistic bystander scenarios and tools to use to step in when a situation is escalating. MVP works to strengthen its participants beliefs in order to empower them to step in when they see something that is wrong. This program teaches bystanders to de-escalate a situation in safe and practical ways.


emilyfacilMVP specifically works to empower student athletes and hone their leadership abilities on the field into leadership in their everyday lives. In 2014, MHS faculty and coaches nominated 50 student athlete leaders to participate in the first training of MVP. The program ran in two hour sessions after the half-days each month at MHS. At the end of the training, the student leaders were then sent into Freshmen Seminars to teach MVP curriculum on teen dating violence and gender roles. The program was renewed in 2015 with another round of participants, and MHS now offers a class for juniors and seniors based on the program and taught by two MVP trained teachers.



MVP Participants in 2015 wearing their “If Not You… Who?” t-shirts.


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