Parent Resources for Cyber Safety

Resources for Parents on Cyber Safety


Teen Online Safety Resource

Tips for teens and parents on how to appropriately use the Web.

Child Care | How to be a Plugged in Parent

Tips on how to make sure your child is not a target of bullying. | School Bullying

From kindergarten readiness through college prep, gives parents the information they need and the ideas they want to help their kids reach their full potential and make learning fun as well as resources for school bullying.

Parent Teachers Association | How to Make Sure

A brochure from The National PTA Connect for Respect Initiative about how to make sure your child does not become a bully.

Rosalind Wiseman | Video

Rosalind Wiseman is an internationally recognized expert on children, teens, parenting, bullying, social justice, and ethical leadership. Wiseman’s website offers videos, articles and tips for dealing with and recognizing bullying.

Teen Parenting | Social Development

A guide to learning the signs of bullying behavior in Tween years


Cyberbullying/Internet Safety

Childcare | Cyberbullying Parent’s Fear

Results from a survey of parents on cyberbulling | Supervise Your Child Online

Tips on how to supervise your child online

Common Sense Media | 5 Things You Need to Know

Five things all parents should know about cyberbullying

Common Sense Media | Digital Harassment Tips

Definitions and advice on digital harassment

Common Sense Media | When Texting Turns to Torment

Advice for parents on dealing with harassment through texting | Parents

Resources to help parents teach internet safety to their children

Power to Learn | Parent Guide

A parent’s guide to cyberbullying


Dating Violence

Melrose Alliance Against Violence

Break the Cycle: A Parent’s Guide to Teen Dating Abuse

Ten questions for starting the conversation with your teen.

Expect Respect: Teen Dating Violence Tips for Parents

Myths and facts about teen dating violence.

Safe Place | Building Healthy Relationships

Information regarding starting conversations with children about developing healthy relationships before they start dating. (Note that this is a PDF designed to be printed out and folded.)



Hazing Prevention

HazingPrevention.Org is a national organization that provides education, develop resources and build partnerships with others to empower people to prevent hazing in college and university student groups.


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