Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Do you know someone who has been left? Or someone who has wanted to break up with someone and doesn’t know how? Maybe these things have happened to you. The breaking up experience can be very hard and often times people get hurt. Below is a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that may help breaking up easier to go through.
Explain the reason if you can
Be respectful
Find ways to take care of your feelings, for example:
-Keep a journal
-Talk to friends
-Exercise, play sports
-Listen to music
-Seek counseling
It may make breaking up easier if you agree on some of the following things:
-Will you still hang out together?
-Can you still call each other?
-Do both of you still want to be friends? (this can only work if both people agree)
If both people agree:
-In what ways will you still be friends?
-How are you going to handle things with friends who know you both?

Have sex one last time
Follow person to see who they are going out with
Call unless you’ve both agreed this is OK
Break up to:
-Scare the person into doing things your way
-Get even
Call names, spread rumors
Isolate yourself, be alone
Assume being friends means you will get back together
Try to get the person pregnant
Try to give the person a STD

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